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activate.searscard.com: The Sears is a departmental store. Sears includes Footwear, Beauty Products, Clothing, Jewelry, Furniture, Appliances, Tools, and Housewares. If you love shopping frequently at Sears, you must buy their Sears card. By having this card you will get discounts, rewards, points, etc. If you want to use the sear card freely you have to activate your card first.

how activate sears card online


You were thinking about how to apply for a Sears card, how to activate it, how to pay bills we are here for you below we will explain everything about Sears card. But we need your 5 minutes to read and to activate your Sears Card. Citi Bank offers and issues this Sears Card.

Requirements of Sears Card

  • For applying for a sears card user age ought to be 18 or 18+
  • Users must have Sears Card On Hand
  • The user must be a citizen of the USA
  • You ought to have an account for activating Sears card online
  • You ought to have a registered number for activating Sears card by Phone Number
  • User should have solid web association
  • Must have one of them:- computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone

Activate Sears Card Online

  • For activating Sears Card user have to visit the official site activate.searscard.com
  • Now provide your Card Number
  • Now on-screen verification from will there
  • Now provide all details carefully
  • Card number, card name, SSN all details which were needed
  • Now crosscheck all details
  • And submit the form by clicking on Verify button
  • Now follow the steps which are instructed on the screen
  • And finish the process carefully
  • After finishing your Sears Card will activate
  • You will be notified by your mail that your card has been activated

Activate Sears Card By Phone Number

  • To activate Sears Card by phone number you must have a registered number for calling on sears customer service 1800 589 7327
  • On-call no person will be there, on-call there were pre-recorded voice so please listen carefully the voice
  • Provide the details for verification And activate your card
  • And listen carefully terms & condition
  • And accept the terms & condition
  • After accept and provide your details and activate your card
  • After Activate card you will receive notification for that

Activate Sears Card By Mail

  • If you are not comfortable with activating the sears card with the above two methods so you can activate the sears card by mail. It will take time to activate the notification.
  • This process is simple
  • You have to mail your details to sears card
  • Write a letter that includes card name, SSN, mail address, date of birth, card number.
  • After writing it-send to them
  • You will get a notification but it will take time to receive your notification

 How To Register for Sears Card

  • For having a sears card you have to register for it so visit the official site https://m.sears.com/searscard
  • On the home page, you will see an option of 5 cards select Sears Card
  • Now see the option of Apply Now
  • Click on that
  • Now open register
  • Now provide them your mail address which you regular use
  • Now re-write your mail for conformation
  • Now make a strong password
  • Click on I m not a robot
  • They have given some important note read it and accept it
  • Then click on Register
  • Now sign in
  • Provide your email and password which you have created while register
  • Click ok remember my email if the device is your
  • Then Sign in

Benefits of Sears Card

  • You will earn 5% points if you spent 10000 annually at a gas station
  • You will earn 3% points if you spent 10000 annually at grocery station and restaurants
  • You will earn 2% points if you spent unlimited  annually at Sears & Kmart
  • You will earn 1% points if you spent unlimited  annually on all other purchases
  • If you utilize your sears card you will receive huge financial offers and discounts
  • Remember this sears card only valid for online and in-store
  • You have to choose between 0% APR given period or 5% Discount

Contact details of Sears Card


Sears Consumer Payments

P.O. Box 9001055

Louisville, KY 40290-1055


Login Phone Numbers:

General questions in regards to the card: 1-800-917-7700

For any issues regarding collections: 1-800-733-1116

To report a missing or stolen card: 1-800-819-9000

To activate the card over the phone: 1-800-589-7327

About Sears Card

Citibank offer and issues Sears Card. Citibank published this card in 1886. Since 133 years ago Sears card is the oldest and well-known department store in the USA.

Sears card founder name is Richard Warren Sears & Alvah Curtis Roebuck. They always provide quality products they don’t know any mistakes or compromise for quality. Sears includes Footwear, Beauty Products, Clothing, Jewellery, Furniture, Appliances. Tools and Housewares.

Starting Sears was having only one store but now they are growing now presently they have 506 stores in the USA. For the quality of products They also awarded by the government.


New user after activating Sears card make sure your card would go to wrong hand. You have to keep your card safe and secure. If your card is misplaced or stolen immediately go to Sears Customer service to inform them. They will help you 24/7. So without thinking inform them about your issues.

Users please never save or give your password or information of cards. Remember you can activate your card only on the official site which is www.activate.searscard.com. So never save or apply on another site they might use your details and save without your permission

Make sure if you are login into your account through a public gadget or friend gadget don’t save your username or id this will be your mistake and invitation to others to use your details.

You might get fraud calls don’t give your details as we said on call of Sears card there is a prerecorded voice so please don’t give any details on the card for your safety

Make sure before using the card you have to activate your card. If still, you didn’t buy the card go, this is an excellent card you must buy it.

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