Fundraising Tips


Tip 1
Rally Your Team Beam and Get Social

Create a group e-mail chain or a Facebook group to share stories, events and encouragement…’ll be amazed at the response you get on social media channels! Feel free to name The Lauren Beam Foundation’s Facebook page on your Facebook posts and include the Twitter handle, @TeamBeamLBF on your Tweets.

Example: — I just signed up for The Lauren Beam Foundation River Run on November 9! Super excited to run along the Hudson River with a gorgeous view for a great Foundation. Support me as I join Team Beam @TeamBeamLBF (Insert your personal webpage/fundraising page or URL)

Tip 2
Matching Gifts

Matching gifts, where a company, or individual, will match donations to charitable organizations are a great and easy way to double your impact through your place of work! Check with your Human Resources departments to see if they’ll match your donations and what you need to do.

Note: When filling out the matching gift information, please use The Lauren Beam Foundation and our tax ID number 46-1997615

Tip 3

Make sure to tell all of your donors and supporters that 95% of their donation to The Lauren Beam Foundation will go directly to our mission and young men and women fighting cancer.

Tip 4
Lead by example

The best way to encourage your friends and family to contribute is to show that you’ve donated to your own efforts first! Make a donation to your own cause!

Tip 5
Don’t be afraid to Ask and Follow-up!

You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so make it clear what you are asking for! Also, cast a wide net and don’t be afraid to follow up, some people intend to donate but just forget.

Tip 6
Thank your donors

Personally thank your donors often. Let them know we couldn’t do it without them and show them the impact they are having.

Tip 7
Wear LBF Gear with Pride!

It’s a great conversation starter to talk to people about the event, our cause and why it matters to you – you can also thank your donors by giving them a LBF T-Shirt as a thank you!